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Looking to develop a new product in the natural products industry? Or reformulate an existing formula? Carl Germano RD, CNS, CDN offers expertise in developing products for the dietary supplement, medical food, functional beverage and natural cosmetic industries.

Whether a startup company or well established firm, I will guide you through the challenges – from concept to finished product – of developing innovative custom nutritional formulations that will position your company as an industry leader. I provide a full range of services to assist in the development, validation and marketing of each product and ensure the differentiation, credibility and profitability of your brand.
  • Development of scientifically based, custom new
    product formulations
  • Upgrading existing formulas and development of
    line extensions
  • Procurement of novel nutraceutical ingredients
  • Assistance with research, clinical trials & claim/patent
    validation of products
  • Marketing assistance – label, brochure and ad copy
  • Legal assistance – liaison with your legal team to review
    product support materials

    Available for lectures, webinars, staff or client
    in-services, radio appearances
The Mislead Athlete
The Mislead Athlete  Carl Germano RD, CNS, CDN
In his new book The Misled Athlete, renowned nutritionist Carl Germano, RD, CNS, CDN and his team present a new look at the athlete as a patient and provides a comprehensive plan for addressing the multiple nutritional needs for those involved in strenuous activity beyond excess protein, stimulants and steroids. The Misled Athlete explores the stressor of exercise and incorporates diet manipulation, effective training techniques, and the use of legitimate nutritional supplements to optimize strength and performance and help prepare the athlete for the next battle.
For more info, contact Carl Germano, RD, CNS, CDN at 914.671.7016
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