Carl Germano CNS, CDN offers expertise in developing products for the hemp, dietary supplement, medical food, functional beverage and natural cosmetic industries.

Services & Capabilities

Whether a startup company or well established firm, I will guide you through the challenges – from concept to finished product – of developing innovative custom nutritional formulations that will position your company as an industry leader. I provide a full range of services to assist in the development, validation and marketing of each product and ensure the differentiation, credibility and profitability of your brand.

Summary of Services


Marketing assistance - Label, brochure and ad copy


Liaison with your legal team to review product support materials


Available for lectures, webinars, staff or client in-services, radio appearance

Nutraceutical Ingredient Procurement

Procurement of novelnutraceutical ingredients

Custom Formula Development

Development of scientifically based, custom new product formulations and upgrading existing formulas and line extensions

Dietary Supplement Expertise

Broad knowledge on dietary supplement ingredients

Research & Clinical Trials

Assistance with research, clinical trials & claim/patent validation of product

Hemp & Cannabis Expertise

Expertise in hemp and cannabis

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"Carl Germano has been one of my esteemed colleagues and a frequent contributor to my radio shows and podcasts for literally decades. He’s been on top of the hottest trends in nutrition and supplements with infallible instincts for the next “Big Thing”. Lately, he’s focused on the exciting health benefits of phytocannabinoids including CBD, and his latest book, THE ROAD TO ANANDA, offers an accessible deep-dive on the fascinating science behind this revolutionary class of nutraceuticals."
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
Founder/Medical Director of the Hoffman Center
"Carl Germano has done a masterful job in putting together ROAD TO ANANDA. There are many books out there on this topic, most of them brief on substance and breathless in claims. Carl takes the opposite approach, drilling into what is known about phytocannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, distilling the science, and clarifying a complex topic beautifully. This should be a must read for all health practitioners, and for anybody in the cannabis space who wants to better understand this profoundly beneficial plant and its activities. What a great book."
Chris Kilham – Medicine Hunter
Founder of Medicine Hunter, Inc.
"While there is an abundance of scholarly work published, the ROAD TO ANANDA book by Carl Germano addresses the many of the pertinent topics about the ECS and phytocannabinoids presented in a simplified way to encourage further study."
Dr. Rafael Mechoulam
Hebrew University Jerusalem, School of Pharmacy
"Essentially, your ability to maintain optimal health rests on your responsibility to become informed about the ECS and its involvement in the underlying causes of many degenerative diseases. ROAD TO ANANDA by Carl Germano is a brilliant start."
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Functional Medicine Physician